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Andy Fisher, Owner

Tree Care Specialist

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Owner, Shoreline Tree Co

Hi, I'm Andy Fisher, owner of Shoreline Tree Company. My business is located in Point Arena, CA, and serves the southern Mendocino and northern Sonoma county coast from Elk to Timber Cove. I have been in the tree service business for over 25 years, hold a D49 Tree Service contractors license (#906673), and I'm bonded and fully insured.

Although Shoreline Tree Company is a small business, I often partner with other local contractors to meet the needs of my clients' on larger tree jobs requiring heavy equipment. View trimming and technical climbing/removals are my specialties, but falling trees and lot clearing are regularly on my schedule.


Sunlight through the trees
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Beautiful Views


In my early years in the tree business I spent much of my time working on view trims for the residents of Marin county. I enjoy finding the views through the unique structure of the tree and the artistic element of sculpting a view. 



Since moving to Point Arena in 2004, I spend most of my work time removing and/or limbing trees that are either a hazard or are in need of reduction to allow for more sunlight to reach an area.  

Brush Chipping


After removing branches and small trees, there's a big pile of brush. Brush chipping is a quick method for reducing the branches and small trees into mulch. I often leave a pile of chips for the owner to use on their property if wanted, but can just as easily chip into my flatbed dump truck and haul the material off site.

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Andy Fisher, Owner

Contractors License #906673

PO Box 1048

Point Arena, CA  95468

Tel: 707-882-1718


Shoreline Tree Company
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